Authentication is the most important pillar that INSELLER’s business is built upon. We spend lots of time authenticating every single item...

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Louis Vuitton Bags 4 Ways

Louis Vuitton Bags 4 Ways

Check out these 4 Louis Vuitton bag styles we LOVE at Inseller One of our favorite brands at Inseller? Louis Vuitton of course! There is nothing li...

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The story of INSELLER begins

Inseller was started in Dubai, UAE with a team of handful employees and a bold idea of creating a trustworthy and reliable marketplace for second-hand authentic designer items.

Growth of INSELLER

INSELLER moves to a new and much bigger office

INSELLER was accepted well by the market and due to its exponential growth moved to a brand new and much bigger office in Dubai Investments Park 2, Dubai, UAE.

Authenticity is the key

INSELLER puts even more focus on Authenticity

INSELLER increased its authenticity team with experts specializing in different brands so that a range of categories and brands carried on the site could be expanded.

First showroom is opened

INSELLER goes brick and mortar

INSELLER opened it’s first showroom on Palm Jumeirah, Dubai, UAE to accommodate customer requests to see the items before purchasing them, especially when it comes to rare and exotic pieces.

Redefining the business model

INSELLER sets focus only on Louis Vuitton and Chanel

INSELLER decided to increase its global reach by focusing only on selected brands and item types and by expanding its marketing activities globally instead of focusing just on one region.


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