Specifically Birkins and Kellys, many hours of hands on work by skilled craftsman goes into the creation of each bag. That being said, every detail possible is considered during the manufacturing process. The bag should be free of any bulges in the leather and should reflect the meticulous craftsmanship used to create each piece.


Hermes uses only the highest quality of leathers and exotic materials that have been sourced from many different regions of the world. Each skin used has its own specific attributes to look out for. One key point that helps to determine authenticity, though it sounds silly, is the smell of the leather of the bag.


Most Hermes bags include gold plated or Palladium (silver) hardware. Hardware should sit taut and straight. The proper engraving of the brand name should be visible on the lock and keys (if applicable). This includes correct size and font, as well as placement.


The words Hermes and Made in France in all capital letters will be heat stamped in a metallic color that matches the hardware of the bag. The font should be examined for proper spacing and placement.


Each Hermes bag includes a stamp denoting the year of manufacture in the form of a letter inside of a shape. Current collections have the letter T surrounded by a square. Typically known as a blind stamp, it is so named because it is often hidden within the body of the accessory and can be difficult to find.