The construction of Louis Vuitton bags should be immaculate. The brand has employed standards for each style so that the exact same methods and parts are used in the construction. The pattern on the coated canvas styles, whether classic monogram or Damier check, should be completely symmetrical at the seams. Stitches should be straight, regular, and even throughout the body of the item. There should be the same number of stitches of the same areas on each bag type.


Louis Vuitton uses a variety of materials in their extensive assortment of bags and accessories, but most prominent is the signature coated canvas lines. The coated canvas should have a slight texture to it and is water repellant and malleable. Vachetta leather is used on the trim of these collections. It is a sensitive leather that gains a patina (becomes darker) over time.


For the most part, Louis Vuitton uses brass hardware on bags so it should have some weight and density to it (not hollow). The zippers should open and close smoothly to reflect the quality. Louis Vuitton uses both flat head and six point circular screws depending on the style of the bag. For some leather styles silver toned hardware is also used.


It is very important to check the font of the logos used throughout the bag down to the shapes of each individual letter. Over the years, counterfeiters have become quite good at replicating the Louis Vuitton font.


Louis Vuitton uses a ‘date code’ system. This series of letters and numbers identifies the factory where the item was manufactured as well as when it was produced. In this combination of letter and numbers, the letters identify the factory where the item was made and the numbers indicate the date.